Child Support (Ishmael’s Cry)

At the beginning of this year, I was excited.  I thought I would begin to walk in my destiny and to a certain point I have. This year has been nothing like I thought it would be. Thanks to my life coach I decided I want to follow my dreams and start using my gift to encourage and empower. I have began to start encouraging in the area of homeless based on my personal experience. I have begun to advocate for the homeless. Now I have decided to take another cause that is close to my heart child welfare (child support).
I have commented on many blogs about what happens after you have decided to be pro-life or pro-choice. There are a lot of people who have dedicated their time, and money to advocate for pro- life and pro-choice. I realize there are child advocates against sexual and psychical abuse. Advocates in those areas are greatly needed. A child who is not receiving financial or emotional support from both parents is endangered too. There are many of statics about daughters whose fathers aren’t involved with their lives. There is of evidence that not having a father in the home affects sons as well.

I do understand that divorce is a terrible thing. I do know that divorce is not the will of God. According to Bana group, 33% of all Christians have been divorced. It is an issue the church must deal with.
The bible does deal with the issue of single parent families. The first case study of a dead beat dad in the bible is Abraham. Interesting the father of Faith is also the father of lack. Even when Abraham sent Hagar and Ishmael away he gave them provisions. Mind you it was not enough. God heard the Ishmael’s cry and told Hagar there were resources. Hear the modern day cry Ishmael’s and tell where the resources are.


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