My name is Ly Syin. Those who are close to me call my Syin. My blog’s name is Syinly, Ly Syin backwards. This is my personal blog and I will cover topics that will be in my autobiography, “The Big Block Goes on Top.” The topics I cover in this blog are things I have become passionate about based on my life experience as an African-American woman growing up in an urban Midwest environment. I selected The Big Block Goes on Top for my book title based on experiences from when I was a little girl, from when I was a little girl. My dad states I would play with building blocks, and I would always put the biggest on top. He would try to show me how to build with a foundation and explain to me that without a proper foundation my structure would fall. 

In college I began working on my autobiography but in 2005 I started working on it seriously. My co-worker encouraged me to share my experience about being homeless. I have always wanted to tell my story. In the past I have told everything because of lack of discretion. Now I am sharing so openly and honestly in hopes to encourage wisdom and knowledge. I think Syinly is a fitting title for my blog because I still believe” the big block goes on top: when the big block is faith”. 

Author’s note, some names in the this blog have been changed to protect privacy. 


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Syin,

    There are some deep accounts going on in this blog. You are beginning to open up more to what is and ha happened to you. Learn from those experience, what was good and what was bad. DON’T repeat the BAD! Many of us make the mistake and end up doing what we shouldn’t. Maybe I’ll telll something sometime.

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