Domestic Violence is it in the closet?

Recently a friend compared sharing her domestic violence story to coming out the closet. I really don’t think there is any comparison. Yes, Domestic Violence thrives on secrecy. I don’t feel domestic violence victims are in the closet. They do try to hide, but usually, they are not successful, their behavior, emotional and physical scars a giveaway. The only person they are really hiding their abuse from is themselves.

Our community was to silence Domestic Violence. It’s an issue your society doesn’t want to address, Also because getting read of domestic means cultural change. Our cultural would have to begin to address the misogyny in our music. The sexism in our media. Domestic Violence survivors are not in a closet. Our global community is in the closet. When you realize a woman/person is abused, and you don’t suggest they leave or offer help. We as a society fail to realize domestic violence is not just impacting those people it’s impacting us.

All cultural, religious, socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds are affected by domestic violence.[3]

Domestic Violence happens to one in four women Also, everybody alive knows at least four women. So it’s happening to your mother, sister, friend, cousin, aunt or classmate. It’s happening somebody you know.  It cost us :

  • Over $5.8 billion each year is spent on health-related costs of domestic violence.[7]
  • Nearly 8 million days of paid work each year is lost due to domestic violence issues-the equivalent of more than 32,000 full-time jobs.[8]
  • 33% of all police time is spent responding to domestic disturbance calls.[10]

I know Domestic Violence is not your problem even though it impacts health care cost which affects every living being. It affects taxes because of law enforcement. It seems it is all our issue because we all pay taxes in the United States anyway. When you don’t report andy you suspect domestic violence. When you don’t even ask the suspected victim are they okay. When you don’t attend FREE domestic violence prevention session. When you donate old phones that could help victims escape. When you don’t donate to shelters or domestic violence services providers so women have resources. When you don’t hold lawmakers accountable to change laws to protect women.

Domestic Violence survivors aren’t in the closet. It’s those that refuse to help them that are!


Stats from Click to empower




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