State of Women

  •  My concerns are we need to address the wage the earners gap. Continue the pay to check movement. The wage gap cost a full time us women  $700,00 over her  work life time.
  • Reduce the cost of quality childcare
  • 57% of cities cite domestic violence against women and children as the top cause of homelessness.  End Homelessness
  •  Equal cost for education- I shouldn’t have to pay more for 4 years than a white guy #genderequality
  •  Real welfare reform that works – Don’t just push low paying jobs for women
  • Don’t cut off resources so quickly
  •  Child Support Enforcement that works
  •  We need to increase awareness about the impact of misogynistic thinking on our world
  • Fair sentencing  for Domestic violence victims who kill their abuser
  •  Equality for all women regardless of race
  • More women mentoring programs
  • More Domestic Violence shelters and other resources
  • More resources for homeless families




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