Introducing to some

In 2008, I discovered weblogs. I read a book about blogging and then. I started posting. I didn’t even read other blogs. My personal blog has been my learning place. I had always been interested in print media. In high school, I wrote for my church newsletter. I wrote for the Southwestern College newspaper the Collegian. After speaking at MLK event on campus I was asked by the publisher of Winfield Daily Courier to be an intern.
I had always wanted to write. I wanted to for essence magazine. I thought about being a magazine publisher.

In college, I realized I struggled with the mechanics of writing. So I started to give up on the idea.  For a while, I thought about going to the field of education so I would have summers off to spend time with a child and to write. In 2008 after having an article I had written published in a local paper it renewed my interest in Journalism. Since 2008, I have consistently been a public relations volunteer  at various organizations. I have applied for New media Woman grant and even created business plans for two online news sites (The People Employment Journal and The People’s Resource Site).

I have thought about blogging a book. I have seen bloggers become best selling published authors in the 8 years I have been blogging. I have learned about social media. Researched publishing, self-publishing, and nonprofits. I have transformed into the information lady. Blogging has transformed my life and taught me skills.


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