Rock bottom

The first time I heard the phrase rock bottom was in an alcoholics anonymous meeting. It’s was a phrase used to describe went you lost everything, that you were spiritually, morally and physically bankrupt. The only choice left was hope. I had been an alcoholic but I had not experience hitting rock bottom. A friend share her writing prompt with me and the prompt asked if a woman hits rock bottom, will she recover.

My faith tells me the answer is yes, my life experience is still struggling to be confident in the answer. I know there are several woman whose narratives are in the bible whose faith has empowered them.

Ruth the Moabites, could have felt she hit rock bottom and hopeless when her husband died. She refused to be bitter. She believed in God and received provision and blessings because of her faith.

The widow who was left with debt after her husband’s untimely death. Surely she felt she had hit rock bottom until the prophet reminded her of the resources she had available.

As I have struggled with feeling I have hit rock bottom I look to the bible for inspiration. In the prophet instructs the widow who is overwhelmed by the famine in the land to prepare a meal for him.

I have struggled with chronic homelessness, I have looked for inspiration. Chris Gardner’s story in the pursuit of happyness inspired me. It answered that question from college that haunted me. In Dr. Wilgers class, he asked us could a homeless person become a millionaire. My white male classmate said yes. I said the obstacles would be overwhelming and impact the person’s ability to focus.

When I heard Chris Gardner and Tyler Perry stories of overcoming poverty I rejoiced. I still longed to hear about someone more like me. I needed to hear that a woman had overcome poverty. It took a few years before I heard Danni Johnson story.

Before writing this post I googled woman who has gone from being homeless to millionaires. I read an article about Catherine M. Ann, her story is even closer to mine.

Can a woman recovery from hitting rock bottom the story is being written. Time will tell.


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