WE WIN! With His Blessings

This is from a personal email I received in July 2004 from my friend. I hope her words encourage. She was a wonderful mother, wife, sister and phenomenal writer.
Ly Syn…

It sounds like you are going thru a bad patch as well. Why were you living with a drug addict? Where are you living now? Is your car still holding out okay? Have you been able to find work?

I have no way of knowing all of the things that you are going thru, but I can only imagine that it must become frustrating at times. This life is truly fascinating. Just as you figure that you might have a handle on it…it may seem that the rules change. But, actually, they have not. It’s only our perception that changes. I’m convinced that if we can manage to keep our vision focused on the Lord, things would flow much smoothly for us. But, alas, that may appear to be impossible to do, when actually it isn’t. It is a matter of putting our self aside. Denying ourselves daily. I know this may prove difficult if you are living in a shelter and straining hard to put food in your babies’ mouths, but God did say that He would provide us with everything that we need if we abide in Him…if we remember to put Him first at all times. To many this may sound like a God that is narcissistic, but truly it isn’t. He asks that we put Him first in our lives only because He knows what is best for us.

‘For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.
(Jer 29:11) 
This is truly beautiful to me. That He has plans not to harm us, but for good things for us. We all must run this course, finish this race, and hopefully, for many of us we will obtain it with honor, faithfulness and glory to God as our crowning achievement. I know not the reason that God has allowed the current road that I am traveling upon in my life to exist, but I do know that He loves me, and that no matter what He is always here, that He will never leave me, and He knows every pain, every hurt, every single tear that I shed. He provides me with all the necessary tools that are needed to continue. I praise Him for this very reason…and hope that He will show me how to praise Him in all things.
He will do the very same for you, Ly Syn, don’t give up hope, continue to seek Him, continue to hold Him first in your life. We may not know much about this road and all other roads that we may encounter thru out our lives here on earth…but we know how they end.
His Blessings,
Rena  Bible 2
-“Chasing the brightest  Star in the Heavens…the bright Morning Star
(ref. Rev.22:16)

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