False Narratvies

False narratives have been used since the beginning of time. The impact of false narratives in American history has caused tremendous suffering. False stories have been used to justify slavery, segregation, and even murder. The HB 2 legislation is the most recent case where false stories have been used. Conservates argue that allows transgender individuals to use the bathroom that they gender to identify with will increase sexual assaults.There is no evidence to support transgender predators are attacking people in bathrooms especially children. Evidence does support that if we are considered about our children we do need to change the environment of our educational institutions.

If we as Americans are concerned about the safety of our children, then we should focus on the literacy rate and other educational issues.  According to  Do Something dot org,  “1 in 4 children in America grow up without learning how to read”. No child left behind should mean more than political rhetoric.

Safety in schools should become a priority. Mass shooting in schools by students are happening to frequently. Fights in school are scaring children physically and emotional. In less than a month in the Greater St. Louis area, a girl committed suicide after being bullied and then getting into a fight a school. Another instance of violence in school resulted in a student being hospitalized for a broken jaw.  In Delaware, a high school student was beaten to death in the girls restroom. If we are going to be concerned about a public restroom, maybe it should be in schools.

False narratives have been used to create stereotypes. Which fuel prejudice and racism. Discrimination and racism affect diversity. Diversity is vital to our future existence. The false narratives about black youth have caused American society to rationalize murder. During the Jim Crow era, suspicion of guilt was enough to lynch black males of crimes they did not commit.

Trayvon Martin (a child) was misjudged as being a thug based on his appearance. A jury found George Zimmerman not guilty of murder even though he shot Martin an unarmed black youth walking in a subdivision.

Officer Darren Wilson judged Mike Brown Jr to be a dangerous brute. When Wilson and Brown grew up in similar circumstances and more similar than different. Both were children in families impacted by divorce but struggled through school.

Let’s not use our children as excuses, but show children that we are concerned about them. Let’s start with the truth and empower children.

All children deserve to be protected.


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