Sheryl Welcome to the Single Moms Club


Sheryl, I am sorry about the loss of your husband. I am glad that you publicly admitted that being a single parent is harder than you thought. I hope you will continue to raise your voice to advocate for single parents. There are so many issues in our country that affect single parents and their children. Single parents (moms) need to be empowered.  Helping single parents (moms) will make an impact that will change things for generations to come. Our country, our world needs to have an honest discussion on the issues facing single parents and then mastermind sessions to address the issues.

I am thankful for single parents who have shared their story. Single parents have encouraged me and been a part of the village that has helped me raise my children. During my college years, I watched a single mom judge parenthood and course work. When it was time for me to be a single parent and college student, I thought if she can do it I can do. At least I can try.

I had heard the Bible was a book with answers I read about Hagar, the Egyptian slave who was forced to become a single parent. Her concern was the same as most single parents today. How was she going to provide for a child? I believe it’s fair to say she was overwhelmed at the prospect of being a single parent. The next biblical narrative that  I read that focused on single parenthood was the story of the widow with oil. She had two children and was concerned about them being forced into servitude because of debt.   Even now debt creates a crisis in single parent homes.

I feel I can contribute to the conversation because of my experiences.  I have dealt with issues that single mom go through such as domestic violence, lack of support non-custodial parent. I have struggled through the employment challenges working in low paying jobs with little to no support. I have also experienced being a single parent on government assistance. I have survived being homeless as a single parent. I believe since I have faced some many obstacles and continued to have hope that I would be able to encourage other singles moms.

I believe Nicole Gates author Success Over Statics and founder Successful Singles Moms Memphis would be a great person to share her experience strength and hope. Also I found From One Single Mother to Another by Sandra P Aldrich help, because of the advice it provides.  I look forward to the show, continuing the conversation about challenges single moms deal with. To whom much is given much is required. Sheryl, please continue to raise your voice on behalf of single parents and encourage to ask other experts to join in  making changes that benefit single parent families.



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