Modern Day David (Terry Bollea)

After the verdict regarding Terry Bollea aka Hulk Hogan, I thought ok another celebrity sex tape scandal, but as the details unravel. I thought this was a lesson in sin. It’s a teachable moment. Bollea sex tape scandal is evidence that sin has a cost. He committed adultery, and now his creditability is questioned. The news organizer Gawker tried to capitalize, and their greed has cost them 140 million, which could bankrupt the company. Bollea was like David. As a wrestler, Bollea was a warrior and king like. Like David, he had his choice of women. Like David, he was involved with more than one woman. David was hanging out on a rooftop when he should have been with the troops when he noticed the beautiful Bathsheba. Not sure where Bollea should have been when he finally decided to have sex with his friend’s wife. This story of sin started with coveting something. Then it moved to adultery. Bollea adultery leads to the death of Hulk Hogan, which provided financially for Bollea. We know David’s adultery lead to the death of Urial, other soldiers, and David’s son. David and Bollea both tried to hide their misdeed. David attempted to get Urial to have sex with his wife, so it would be thought he was the father. Bollea tried to stop the sex tape from becoming public.
Bollea may still be dealing with denial. It seems he has more remorse over the sex tape than the actual act of adultery. In watching the comments, Bollea stated in the interview, ” The spirit of Christ was telling me something is wrong.” Bollea disobeyed the spirit, and now it has cost him his good name. Has Bollea repented only he and God know the answer? Has he forgiven Gawker? Not sure, it is clear that Bollea is holding them accountable for their lapse in judgment. Is he accepting accountability for his error in judgment?

We know at the end of David’s adultery tale. He took responsibility and repented.  We can see from David’s story, Bollea story and Samson. That sex outside of marriage threats to impact legacies.  Lust is powerful, it can lead to sin. Lust caused  David to sin. He caused his son Amon to sin which set off a chain reaction of sin. Judea sleep with his daughter in law.  Jacob had seven children  by Leah a woman he didn’t even love, but the sex must have attracted him. After he married Racheal he could have kept Leah as his wife but refused to be sexually intimate with her.  Sexual sin impacts people.

Just a suggestion Bollea should donate the compensation to organizations that help victims of sexual exploitation.


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