Cassie’s perspective (Woman Thou Art Loosed Movie)

My daughter said in a conversation mom your lifestyle endangered us to sexual abuse. I thought I had done everything to protect my children. I tried to avoid leaving them alone with men I dated until my kids seemed comfortable. I still tried to avoid leaving them alone with men for long periods of time.  Every time I saw a story on the news about boyfriends abusing their girlfriends children. I cringed vowed to myself not to be like those women.
I watched Woman Thou Art Loosed, and I was shocked that Cassie didn’t believe her daughter. I thought how could she allow Reggie to stay. Then I realized by the grace of God I am not much better. I remained with a man who was a misogynist. He his behavior physical, verbal and emotional was disrespectful to me. My children witnessed it. On several occasions, my oldest daughter questions me about why I allowed him to treat me that way.
In the beginning I gave in to avoid arguments, I didn’t realize the relationship had gradually become controlling.  Later I stayed because my thought pattern was similar to Cassie’s I can’t do any better. I have to settle. At times my reason for staying was financial.  Like Cassie, I was in denial about my situation (the abusive relationship).  I attended church too, all the while practicing idolatry.

I didn’t think I was putting a man before my children either. Even though my relationship with the man endangered my parental rights. Children are now removed from home where there is domestic violence
Cassie’s character shows us that hurt people hurt people even if it’s unintentional. Cassie had never dealt with being sexual abused.  Cassie’s mother and father had failed to protect and nurture her. So she was unable to protect and nurture her child.

Cassie’s story is not new. In the Bible, Herodias behavior was similar to Cassie. Herodias was aware that her husband had sexual feelings for her daughter. We don’t know the age of her daughter. But Herodias manipulate the situation to her advantage, encouraging her daughter to dance for her stepfather and ask for the head of John the Baptist. Herodias, Cassie and I are women who dealt with insecurity. We chose not to trust God to provide, which lead to idolatry.


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