2008 Dicussion regarding Child Support

Your friendship has been an important part of my life since 1992.  A friend would not continually allow their friend to go into debt because they refuse to accept their responsibilities. I know I have not always been as supportive of you, as you have been on me emotionally. During our marriages, I was very abusive verbally and emotionally. I have felt guilty, but your lack of support and involvement in our daughter’s life has got to end. You are being very selfish, unfortunately, I can no longer be selfish. I have got to advocate for our daughter’s best interest.
As you know in 2004-2005 I tried to get back together with you, but your lack of financial support and visitation with our daughter frustrated me. I understand you were hurt by the divorce but so was I. Our daughter Fatima was also hurt. Just like you, she blames me for the marriage ending. You are being selfish rather than heal and be there for your daughter.
I know at certain points in time you have paid your child support. Raising a child is expensive. If you do not began to help support her financially on a consistent basis. I will be forced to give you custody and let you do it by yourself. It is your choice. I composed a budget. Thank you for your consideration.

Child’s Monthly Budget

50.00- Allowance
37.00- Clothes
31.00- Electric
226.00- Rent
102.35- School expense
25.00 -Recreation
140.00 -Food
25.00- Personal Hygiene
608.35- Total

Amounts have been divided in half or thirds according to parental responsibility.

The amount of Child supports you are ordered to pay 218.00 as you can see that is only a third of your child monthly expenses.
Not Included in this budget or Medical insurance, co-pays

School- includes school supplies( paper, pencils, folders, binders, backpack, the internet, ink, field trip fees, etc.)

Personal Hygiene- Maxi-pads, deodorant, makeup,


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