When is it okay to hit?

To those of you who believe in hitting your children…

Why can you hit your child but your husband can’t hit you? If you do something he doesn’t like and you know better, he should be able to hit you right???

When you hit your daughter, when she grows up… It should be okay for her man to hit her right??? She knows better.

No, stop hitting your children. They are literally small versions of you who need your love guidance, not your frustration and rage.

I saw the above on Facebook and I thought about myself and my relationship to abuse. I accepted because I felt like my mother makes me angry enough to want to hit her, so why isn’t it okay for my husband angry to provoke him to want to hit me.

I never considered corporal punishment abuse. My family used corporal punishment when I was growing up.  It was not effective in changing my behavior. It did cause fear. I knew I was verbally abusive to family (husband and children).

Recovering from the abuse I experienced and caused I have to ask my question is it ever okay to hit? I am still struggling with justifying the behavior. I do understand that being angry does not give me permission to be out of control. The struggle is changing the behavior. I understand now why the bible warns us to be slow to anger.


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