Whose example will you choose? Abigail or Delilah?

” None of ur friends Business”

I love Ginuwine and Jon B (They Don’t Know), both artists have great songs about warning about getting friends involved in your  relationship. After a while of my family and friend getting all up in my business. Not really I lacked discretion so I told everything. Then I wondered  why my friends and family hated the men I was involved with at the time.  Clueless me, I didn’t realize I was the cause. Of course, after I shared how so and so was a fool, and all the bad things he did.  I couldn’t really expect anybody to like him. As I began to  heal, I realized I need to to put them down to make myself feel better because of my own insecurity”. I also realized that when I point my finger at someone I have four pointing back at me.

When you share openly about the negative attributes of you man and you decide to stay with him. Remember that you have turned people against him. You may not get the support you would like for the relationship. Family and social gatherings may become awkward. Do you need to vent or let your emotions out? Yes, journaling, therapy are options for that.

The Bible(Yes, Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) even has some relationship advice. In Proverbs (31:11) it tells us  a man wants to be able to trust a woman.  I  always thought this meant a man should trust me not to have sex with other men to monogamous. But the reference is talking about so much more.

There are two biblical narratives about relationships one is of a trustworthy woman Abigail. The other is about Delilah, who was not trustworthy.  Both women choose differently how to handle sharing their man’s business. Delilah shared Samon’s secrets and it cost him his anointing. It almost cost him his life. Abigail was married to a fool. She didn’t expose his foolishness.  When Nabal angered David and wanted to kill Nabal and everyone in his household. Abigail handled the situation with style and grace. So much so after her husband died. David married her.

Delilah shared  her man’s secrets and it cost him big time. Abigail not sharing that her husband was a fool publicly was able to save him and their household.


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