David and Bathsheba ( A Domestic Violence Tale)

Nearly all the relationships I have been involved in my adult life domestic violence or intimate partner violence has been a part. I even referred to the relationships as my David and Bathsheba relationships. I know the relationships were not in God’s will. He allowed them through his permissive will.

 David was not where he was supposed to be when he met Bathsheba. 

When David saw Bathsheba he should have been on the battle field instead he was on the roof top of the palace. I was not where I was supposed to be. When I met Louie, I was estranged from my husband. When I decided to get involved with Joe, I was supposed to be focused on job search and having a relationship with God. Like David I saw someone I wanted and I felt I had to have them.

David has Bathsheba husband killed

After David realizes Bathsheba is pregnant  He sent for her husband Urial and tried to get Urial to have sex with with his wife ( Bathsheba) so to cover up. Urial was honorable and refused. David then had to come up with plan  B to cover up his actions. He sent Urial to  back to the battlefield  to be killed. After mourning Bathsheba is brought to the palace and marries David.

David was convicted by Nathan

After David had killed Urial, Nathan confronted him about his actions. David acknowledged his sin. He admitted he was wrong (repented). Iw as confronted by clergy about my relationships. I acknowledge God was displeased, but I refused to repent.

Consequences of David’s Actions

When I wanted to have my Bathsheba about the consequences. Bathsheba experienced a lot of grief. She lost her husband and she lost her baby.  She dealt with guilt and shame.  I  forgot about the part of the story because of David’s choice the sword remained in his house.


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