Dear Black Girl

Being the mother of two black girls, I realize that your mothers see the beauty and gifts in there little girls before the rest of the world acknowledges a woman’s gifts.  The status of black women is important to me. It’s important to me because I am a black female. As a black female I feel it is badge of honor to come from the strongest women.  Being a black female also presents it challenges, but as our sister Maya Angelou told us we are phenomenal. Some days it seems there is a choice between blackness and being female.  Our sisters have dealt with since the civil rights area with this dilemma.   We have had to remind society of our femininity while our sexuality has always been exploited. Sojourner Truth was an advocate for our femininity and an example of our strength. Her ” Ain’t I a Woman ” speech was a testament  to our strength, our intelligence, and perseverance.  She also reminded us with her statement regarding one  turning the world upside down and  and group of working together ought to be able to turn it right side up. That we need each other. Sisterhood is important.  We can help each other.  I encourage you to read women’s history. Read bell hooks, read Paula Gidding and find out when and where I enter.

Don’t let your blackness limit you, you have choices. Nationalism is good and has it’s place but black is a adjective it doesn’t define you. Don’t believe or become the stereotypes. Black women are like snowflakes all beauty but all different.

The price has been paid for you. Oprah Winfrey had a legends ball to honor some of the women who have paid the price. The sky is truly the limit. Remember you come from strong women psychically and emotionally. Don’t neglect yourself.  Remember in all your giving to give to yourself. Be Kind to yourself. Becoming a woman is something you grow into. Age is does not qualify you for womanhood. It’s maturity and wisdom that make you a woman. Own your sexuality, your sensuality. For years men have exploited us, don’t allow it. Respect yourself and present yourself as the Queen you are.Remember you were formed like a diamond you have endured through harsh conditions but came out beautiful. Shine

bright like a 10710720_866385040052147_2525749848095444681_ndiamond



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