Blogging has Changed My Life

Blogging has changed my life. I am participating in 30-day blogging challenge. I decided I will try and create 60 blog post in the next 30 days.  30 post for my professional blog and 30 posts for my personal blog. I have done a few of these challenges before. I don’t think I have ever made to  the finish with 30 new blog post. There are a lot of projects I have started and have yet to complete.  I recently joined a group to help encourage ideas for the blog post.  One group on Facebook posed the question how has blogging changed your life. As I pondered the answer to this question I thought how originally I got involved with blogging because of my interest in print media. I wanted to establish my credibility as a writer because I was interested in self-publishing my autobiography (a dormant work since 2006).

My interest in writing led me to discover more about social media.  I  discovered quickly that Blogging required much more than just writing a post. There is promotion, hosting, adding video, pictures, and graphics. Constantly having to come up with new content for your blog and commenting on your blogs to increase your readership.

Blogging led me to microblogging twitter in 2008. I joined Twitter and had no idea what to do with. Today I manage 3 twitter accounts. Twitter has opened the world to me.  In 140 characters, it has led me to learn more. I have learned about nonprofit management, social media management, resources for entrepreneurs and I love when I find resources encouraging and empowering women. Twitter has definitely expanded my reach.

Eventually, I joined Facebook and became an instant overshare(er). I started sharing all the wonderful articles and resources I found on Twitter on Facebook. Even learned how to manage Facebook pages and groups. My expertise increased and I have even been paid to manage Facebook Pages.

Blogging has had an impact on my professional development, but I started out with a personal blog. I’m an introvert so of course my post deal with my experiences.  Becoming a blogger has helped me find my voice. I wanted to share my opinions at first, one day I decided to share about my relationship with God. It was one of the most read posts on my blog.  I have transformed from a tell everything person with no discretion to a transparent person for God’s glory.

Blogging has definitely changed my life. It’s made me more of a sponge and I am trying to soak up everything.


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