God Is Real


According to Dictionary.com real means ” Truth, existing or occurring as fact.”  Since childhood. I have believed in the existence of God. As I have stumbled through Christianity there has been days of doubts. In the midst of doubts, I have extraordinary days where I can not deny  the present of God.  At  church the pastor mentioned God is just as real as other invisible concepts we accept such as gravity. No one argues the existence of gravity.

I am not an apologist so I can not defend my belief.  I hope you believe, but I won’t try to convince you. I would just tell as the great worship-love-spirituality-38559587line from X files the Truth is out there somewhere. Which means God is out there somewhere.


I have been tagged again on Facebook to spread the gospel. It made me think about this blog. I wanted to share but didn’t originally plan to share as much regarding my personal relationship with God, but those posts have received the most  “Likes”. I As I previously stated I have not had issues with the existence of God.  My struggle comes at the point, does God really know my name. Does God specifically care about my existence? There is a difference between Real and Relationship. To believe something is real only requires a temporary relationship. The chair I am currently sitting is real but once I leave this location. The chair won’t matter to me anymore. God is omnipresent so I can’t leave His presence.  Unlike the chair, God has no boundaries.  As I stumble through Christianity and go from religion to spirituality. God is using Facebook,  to talk to me. I have been trying to avoid  my relationship with God becoming intimate. Yet I am challenged to defend my belief in God’s existence.  It is interesting I visited with a homeless friend and for a second I wonder, how is God  Real if this person is homeless.  Then I realized despite a lack of shelter, the person was in good health and spirits.  The individual’s mental and physical health  is evidence that  God is real and cares. I do believe this person  homeless experience just like some of mine is  the person’s own fault.  I believe God is using the experience to teach a lesson, jut like the God challenge on Facebook. God is Real, he is even on Facebook. 🙂


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