God Is Good

It’s easy to say God is good especially during tax refund season. When the direct deposit hits earlier than expected. With financial blessings,  God is good is always my first response. On the days when there is 2 cents in my bank account or NSF, I am the first to assume God has forgotten about me. I realized when I can’t say God is Good due to financial blessings.  I can give God credit for being God for keeping me from seen and unseen dangers. Being chronically homeless in my life  I am. He has protected me from a lot of dangers. During a 90 day period. We lived with a crack addict, I assumed the person was just an alcoholic. We lived with a family we barely knew from church.  We lived with a person who had been found guilty of child molestation. I had no idea at the time.

Despite my emotions, I have to confess God is Good. He has proven it to many times, Whether it is manifest through financial blessings, physical health, mental health. As the seniors say, I woke this morning with a portion of health, strength and in my right mind.


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