Water 2015I posted my profile at Plenty of Fish an online dating service. I meet a couple of men. As I chatted with the men to get to know them better. I asked questions, one of my questions was which do you prefer fire or water and why. I explained I preferred Fire because of it’s intensity and that it was associated with heat and passion. I also liked that the only thing that can consume fire is fire. When they have a forest fire, and they can’t get it under control, they set another fire to control it.

One of the guys listen to my explanation, but he insisted water was better. I should like water more. He told me water was necessary for survival and fire was not.

It is raining today, and that made me think about water, and I reflected on the conversation. When it rains I think about Hosea I never thought about water as a blessing, but it truly is. Without water, we would die, water is necessary for living creatures.
I thought about how water is mentioned many times in the Bible. I searched for verses with the keyword water. I realized water existed before people and animals. Throughout the first chapter of Genesis, you see the significance of water. As God began to set, the natural order water was essential. In the six verse of Genesis before man was created the streams flooded the surface.

In Isaiah, the invitation is given to the Thirsty

In the account of the woman at the well. God shows us what happens when you accept the invitation. My favorite verse regarding water is in the book John, during the conversation between the Samaria woman and Jesus


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