Choice (Let’s talk about Sex pt2)

Today I was reading a blog about the freedom of choice act. The act wants to make it legal to allow women to have abortions with being informed about the possible side affects. I thought this is not fair, with other birth control methods it is required that women be informed about the side effects. It’s funny though the medical community can tell women of the medical side effects of birth control physically, but who informs women about the spiritual and emotional side effects of sex before marriage. Now before I move on I already know I am a hypocrite, so there is no need to post that comment, thank you.

In Genesis chapter 3 where the story of fall of mankind is we learn that the consequences of sin would affect women in the area of childbearing. Anything psychically, emotional, and spiritual dealing with childbearing is affected by the curse. There is no sin that can escape consequences. Some of us thought once birth control was invented women were free to commit fortification without consequences. That has never been true and never will. Birth control does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases. The side effects of birth control can be deadly. Even the best birth control has unpleasant side effects.


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