All Lives Matter


It is true all lives matter. Recently a photograph of Fred Bird Holding a police lives matter sign caused some controversy, and it shouldn’t be. Cardinal Nation and the Cardinal legacy is made up diversity. I believe all lives matter to Fred Bird.
We would have no idea if Fred bird were a police if he has family members on the police force or friends. We know it is the police job description to protect and serve. Police just like other employers some only come to work for a pay check. Some work because it’s their calling. As with every job, some employees are simply better than the other ones. Police do keep the players, the fans, and Fred bird safe during the game.
I have never seen Fred Bird with a “Black Lives Matter” sign, but I believe that matter as well. Over the years, I have seen black and white children smile with joy from being in Fred Bird presence. Without great cardinal players like Lou Brock, Ozzie Smith and Willie Mc Ghee, the cardinal organization would not have the great legacy it does. Black Lives, All Lives matter to Cardinal Nation.


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