Abortion Not My Choice

I have always considered myself pro-choice, as I got older I could I identify more pro-life, then as began to explore Christianity more I felt torn.  I was still pro-choice, but I had to admit I actually begin to look at abortion as sin. I still maintain my pro- choice stance that it is your God given right to a woman to make the choice.

I wish I could tell you I have never considered abortion, but I would be lying. With both my daughters, I considered abortion. When I found out, I was pregnant with my oldest – daughter I was a married college student. I was terrified how I could afford to take care of a baby. My husband wanted me to have and abortion. I went to Dr. George Tiller clinic in Wichita Kansas to get more information to make an informed decision about abortion. Outside the clinic, pro-life protestors gave me some literature. I took it home and read it.

When I announced, it was my body and my decision that I decided to have the baby my husband was upset.

At 29, I got pregnant with my second daughter. I was married, separated and dating a man at  Webster University where I worked. My daughter’s father wanted me to have an abortion; I had previously agreed if I got pregnant I would have an abortion. He told me the timing was wrong and that we could have another baby.  I agreed to compromise if he paid for the abortion, I would get an abortion.  Yes, for a while I really did entertain the thought of having an abortion. I thought I have one child, and I am struggling financially. How can I afford another child?  Then I decided be optimistic ad say somehow it will all work out.

I didn’t want to get an abortion, but I was scared to tell him. I was trying to figure out how to avoid having an abortion. I was thankful he was asking to borrow money a few days before I was supposed go to the clinic because that meant he didn’t have the money for the abortion.

As I sat at the rally next to my beautiful, intelligent daughter trying to explain a women’s right to abort. She said Abortion is a stupid choice. Women are smart enough to know how to not get pregnant. There are birth control and absences.”

I thought I will no longer wise my time arguing for pro-choice.


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