Old Testimony

At church events, I have heard the speaker say to the audience, “your testimony is too old” that is why you are going through. Today I realize we are just like Job’s friends. Trying to come up with an answer for the unexplainable. From Job’s narrative, we could say originally he didn’t have a testimony. God did not think his testimony too old. God was impressed with Job’s testimony even before he went through trials and tribulations. God used Job’s testimony. Hopefully, at some point he will be able to use mine. I have not been through the level of suffering of Job. I could not even begin to imagine. Before when I noticed on social media people sharing their testimony. I would always share my blog post-My Testimony, but this morning when I thought about doing that I thought “your testimony is too old”. Not that God’s twins Grace and Mercy didn’t save me from abuse, alcoholism, and myself. The last couple of months of my life was up and down. One day it’s blessing the next day it’s wrestling with God. I have wanted to say F*** everything and run. Face Everything and Recover is not my first response. I believe God is trying to teach me problem-solving, and he is working on my emotions. I was reading How to Make it Big as a Consultant, the section about allowing your subconscious mind to solve problems. I had an epiphany that is how you allow God to solve them. No Pressure, when you turn the situation over in Faith. There is to be no more pressure. Distractions, For me this is my emotions, friends, and family, they are always distracting me. When something happens, I still hours, days even curse, nurse and rehearsing. In the midst of this, I can’t begin to listen for the answer. Limited Time- God knew the problem was coming before I even existed, so he has False Knowledge- False Evidence Appearing Real ( I need to use scripture to combat this). For me, the false evidence is the negative self-talk

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