Americorps Essay 2015

I believe the best way to help the community is through sharing information. Education is the process of sharing information. When you educate a community, you inspire that community. This realization I came to during my college experience. College brought me out of ignorance and led to self-discovery. It was then I realized the power of education to change one’s life and attitude. Even before college, I knew I wanted to be an advocate for change. After reading about Christopher Harris death in the local newspaper. The article in the St. Louis Post –Dispatch angered me; I wanted to change society view of minorities. I realized media would be the best tool to use, and to actually effect change I would have to educate others. Being a part of the development staff for Inspire STL will allow me to pursue my passion of sharing information to empower others. Americorps is a great leadership vehicle it provides an opportunity for empowerment for individual (service members) and the community in which they serve. As part of the development staff, I will encourage those I am helping to make goals and a plan for accomplishing the program. It will be my mission to share information about the program to inspire people to give and volunteer. I will gather information from community leaders and influences to craft an effective message to tell Inspire STL story.


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