Pro Life/ Pro Choice (Abortion ?)

I have always considered myself pro-choice. As I became older and began to explore Christianity, I could identify more with pro-life. I was still pro-choice, but I had to admit I actually started to look at abortion as a sin. I still maintain my pro- choice stance that it is your God-given right to make a choice. God does not prevent us from sin he gave us free will.

I wish I could tell you I have never thought about having an abortion, but I would be lying. With both my pregnancies that resulted in my daughters, I considered abortion. When I found out, I was pregnant with my oldest – daughter I was a married college student. I was terrified how I could afford to take care of a baby. My husband wanted me to have an abortion. I went to Dr. George Tiller clinic in Wichita, Kansas to get more information to make an informed decision about abortion. Outside the clinic, pro-life protesters gave me some literature. I took it home and read it.

When I announced, it was my body and my decision that I decided to have the baby my husband was upset.

At 29, I got pregnant with my second daughter. I was married, separated and dating a college student I met. My daughter’s father wanted me to have an abortion; I had previously agreed if I got pregnant I would have an abortion. He told me the timing was wrong and that we could have another baby. I decided to compromise if he paid for the abortion; I would get an abortion. Yes, for a while I did entertain the thought of having an abortion. I thought I have one child, and I am struggling financially. How can I afford another child? Then I decided to be optimistic and say somehow it will all work out.

I did not want to get an abortion, but I was scared to tell him. I was trying to figure out how to avoid having an abortion. I was thankful he was asking to borrow money a few days before I was supposed to go to the clinic because that meant he didn’t have the money for the abortion.

As I sat at an International Women’s rally next to my beautiful, intelligent daughter trying to explain a women’s right to abort. She said Abortion is a stupid choice. Women are smart enough to know how to not get pregnant. There are birth control options and abstinence.”

I thought I will no longer defend the right for women to make stupid choices why waste my time. I agree with the speaker that day and my daughter. Women are smart enough to decide. I understand in cases of sexual assault, that option should be available. Our government should not have the right to regulate women bodies. Women should be smart enough to control their bodies. Abortion should be an option, but women can empower themselves to make choices where it’s not necessary unless for medical reasons or sexual assault.


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