Steve Harvey’s Relationship book based on biblical princples

Disney’s story of The Princess and Frog is a classic example of Christian Love. In the story of The Princess of the Frog, Tiana discovers what we discover as Christians that Love is the truth,  and the truth will set you free.Princess Tiana is busy living her life when love finds her. She was working as a waitress and saving money when Prince Naveen came to town.When She realized that she loved Prince Naveen and being with him was worth sacrificing her dream. Through,  Tiana and  Prince Naveen we see an example of love. Do you want to know more about love? Read the Bible.

The Bible deals with several types of love, a page, eros, and philly. To understand more about love explore the Bible verse dealing with the topic. The Bible clearly defines the different types of love.  Reading a bible written in plain English makes the concept of love easy to understand.

The Bible is good relationship guide. Steve Harvey’s new relationship. Harvey’s ideas are based on biblical principles. Harvey does believe the biblical principle that a man should have accomplished something before he began to look for a mate. The Bible shows us that it necessary for a man to be busy fulfilling his purpose.  In the book of Ruth, it tells how Boaz noticed Ruth in the field. He was busy with agricultural management when he noticed her.

Harvey believes a man does not have to achieve total career success, but he must at least know his purpose before he can focus on a relationship. This idea is supported in the book of Samuel when David refused to marry King Saul daughter because he had nothing to offer. Once Saul stand he would accept 100 Philistine foreskins, David accomplished that feat and was awarded a bride. David’s career path was clear to him at this point. The prophet Samuel had already anointed him to become the next King. David was showing himself as a skilled military man; he had already defeated Goliath.


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