#True Tori (Living Paycheck to Paycheck)

Sometimes I read and hear something that just really agitate me. Celebrity Tori Spelling says she is “Living paycheck to paycheck”.  I understand being famous does make you immune to financial difficulties. We have heard recently about famous people losing houses and cars. Some formerly famous people have had to seek employment outside of the entertainment industry. It is hard for me to comprehend Tori Spelling who is on tv living paycheck to paycheck. Her father was a multimillionaire. She has been television star since she was a teenager. Now my life has featured more than it’s fair share of drama.

At first I thought how dare Tori say she is living paycheck to paycheck. She knows nothing about that lifestyle, but maybe she does. She knows about having poor self-esteem. True Tori her docudrama has proven that. Wise people always say celebrates are just like us they put their pants on one leg at a time.

I would like Tori to use the status to encourage other women living paycheck to paycheck. The ones that are not famous. If you are having, budgeting problems have Dave Ramsey on your show. He could help you and others living paycheck to paycheck. Then get Iyanla Vanzant ( Iyanla fix my life) she can help take care of the emotional issues. Not to mention Iyanla has lived paycheck to paycheck before. She knows a thing or two about that.


One thought on “#True Tori (Living Paycheck to Paycheck)”

  1. Tori is no longer famous. She is infamous. Unfortunately, she has now brought her little ones into this sickness of hers. Those poor dear innocent children. I’m sure they will tell them someday that mommy and daddy were only acting.

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