Don’t trip (politically incorrect) God Ain’t through wit me yet!

I debated about this post, then I thought about what to title it. My first idea was Being REAL. Then I thought about Steve Harvey’s title when he was asked to provide comedic entertainment at Megafest, “ Don’t Trip God Ain’t through wit me yet.” I thought that feels right cause if I say something that offends someone in this post. It’s not out of malice.  Just pray for me.  I wanted to talk about those things I think that we usually suggest don’t have those conversations in public. Then I thought what if my sharing my ignorance honestly lead to some growth. It’s worth the risk. Since officer Darren  Wilson killed Mike Brown, I  have talked more about racism and prejudice. Today I decided to explore some of my prejudice ideas.

 A few weeks ago I got into a discussion on Twitter as a result of retweet about racism. I had not focused on that prejudice, and racism are not just wrong but sins. I had felt justified being prejudice, but now I realize, that rationalization not the truth. God is not pleased with prejudice attitudes. He doesn’t need me to judge His creation.

Sidebar, my children, are very opened. I don’t know how but I am thankful.  My youngest daughter and I were riding the Metrolink. A gay couple got on sat behind us. I wouldn’t have known their orientation had not the one guy said to the other,  “put your bags here, so we can cuddle.”  My daughter looked at me knowing I was uncomfortable. I thought to myself if were heterosexual would I still feel uncomfortable? I don’t believe in public displays of affection between adults. Children that is another story. Then I thought what if they start making out? They didn’t so, I didn’t have to worry.  Yes, if a heterosexual couple made out in the presence of me and my daughter I would feel uncomfortable too.

 After the initial reactions, I thought these gay guys are brave. From all the hate crimes, you hear about I would have thought they would have a fear of homophobic people attacking them. Today I heard a gay man telling about a horrible retail experience. He said a cashier looked at pictures of his family and seemed disgusted. I thought glad I was not that cashier. I know I would have acted awkward.  To handle the situation. I thought I would have to put my judgmental/ Christian attitude on the shelf.  Funny being judgmental, and Christian are opposites for real.  As Christian, I am to show love and compassion to all.

 My other reaction was I am a black female; this man has not experience prejudiced like me. I had to realize I can’t judge somebody else’s emotional pain.

 I have to deal with my beliefs. I can not cling to the idea “God Hates Gays”. God hates sin period. He hates lying, fornication, adultery and every other sin I have committed. To convert more people to Christianity, it is going to take kindness. Hate speech, guilt, and shame are not going work. Even if you do convince somebody to believe in God. You will hinder their relationship because they will view God as the author of guilt and shame. When God is truly the author of Love and kindness.

 I believe once you develop a relationship with God, the Spirit will convict you on wrong actions.

About a month ago, the pastor was sharing  a story about a woman that had come to church in attire that showed off the girls (her bare breast). He said she also had visible passion marks. He scolded her for coming to church like that.  I got upset, I thought he shouldn’t have shamed this woman.  I thought that why people don’t want to come to church. Jesus didn’t shame the woman caught in adultery. He didn’t shame the prostitute who anointed him. He didn’t even shame the woman at the well. Even Rahab, the harlot, was not shamed but given the chance to learn the faith and become respectable.

What about come as you are?  I do believe when people know better they will do better. God will come convict them.  I am not a pastor or other church official, but I will suggest to what was suggested to me in AA keep coming back. Bring you butt your mind will follow. Yeah, I am going to talk about your plunging v, short dress or skirt That you seem like liquor have body odor. Even though I had to go to church, all jacked up before with body odor myself. You keep coming. You might have to share what you learned in the sermon with me one day.  The irony will be I missed it because I was tripping on you instead of focusing on the sermon.


One thought on “Don’t trip (politically incorrect) God Ain’t through wit me yet!”

  1. You would think church, where we go for spiritual uplifting, would be free if passing judgment. I try to live by the quote by Hermann Hesse, “It is not for me to judge another man’s life. I must judger, I must choose, I must spurn, purely for myself, alone.”

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