Responce to When Racism is Reversed

Thank you for being willing to open the dialogue on race in this country. I agree with some of your points. We truly are all one race, and that’s the human race. Now our ethnic backgrounds vary, and we need to respect each other. Maybe schools should offer cultural diversity.  For me taking multicultural literature allowed me to see, we have more similarities than differences.Love

Our America needs to have the hard dialogue about prejudice and racism. I do believe only white (Caucasian Americans) can be classified as racist. Racism is tied to economics. I do believe all people can prejudice.  Blacks or African- Americans do not have the economic power to enforce racism.

I am not saying that prejudice has not induced hate crimes committed by black against whites. I am aware of the Reginald Deny case, and I am sure there are many more. Hate crimes should never be accepted the perpetrator(s) should be punished regardless of race. As humans, it is our moral responsibility to respect each other and not harm one another.

I know forgiveness is necessary, but before we can get to forgiveness, we must do the hard work. Which means have an open, honest conversation and acknowledging our history with it’s ugly truths.  In my family, we are only four generations away from slavery. My grandmother grew up on the McCain plantation  (yes plantation is owned by Senator John McCain relatives). With each generation, we see more opened minded thinking and less prejudice. Prejudice is passed down generation by generation.

We have to remember that people of  African descent have been oppressed in this country for hundreds of years first by slavery and then Jim Crow, now through various economic and educational disenfranchisement. When we demand equality in opportunity, racism will slip away.  It will require more for prejudice.

Now as far a Black police officer killing a white youth. I do not believe it would go trial, but I do believe. The black officers actions would result in his death. I think we would find out the black officer committed suicide in jail (suspicious death). I have heard some cases where black on black crime have received lesser sentences than blacks committing crimes against Caucasians.

In conclusion, it’s past time we deal with racism and prejudice and move on to address issues that affect our global community like homelessness, domestic violence and hunger.


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