Esther the Queen of Civil Disobedience

This is my second post on my series on biblical character Esther. Her story is proof that the bible is full of practical instructions before leaving Earth.


I have read the book of Esther several times. One reason I favor Esther is because the story is about a woman. It seems at times that Christianity is patriarchal.  Esther’s story affirms that God loves women too. I started an online bible study on the book of Esther in the midst of the community in Ferguson, Missouri to  Mike brown’s shooting. Civil disobedience was practiced in biblical days in response to injustice.  The strategies of protest are: first mourn, Do not be quiet and just accept the situation. The community should gather together and demand change.


Great Mourning is an appropriate response to injustice

 In the chapter, we learning that great mourning was the response to the edict King Xerxes? signed saying the Jews could be killed without repercussions.  In America, police can brutalize and murder citizens without consequences.  Just like there was a history between the Agagite and Jews. There has been a history of mistrust and racism with the police department.   The community especially blacks in Ferguson feels their government does not care about their welfare. Citizens of Ferguson and beyond showed their grief through protest. In Ferguson, some chose to vent their grief as anger resulting in the destruction of property.  When King  Xerxes signed the edict Jews once again were displaced. They had tried to blend with the dominating cultural, now they were rejected.


Don’t be quiet and just accept

Esther’s uncle  Mordecai taught us Don’t be quiet and just accept. When he overheard citizens plotting to kill the king. He relayed the information to Esther so she could inform the king. When Mordecai discover Haman’s evil plan, he went to Esther and asked her to talk the king. Esther could have just been quiet, and allowed her people to perish.  The king didn’t know she was a jew. Just like Mordecai she refused to just accept injustice.


Gather together

When they were mourning the king’s decision  Jews stood together and they fasted together before Esther went before the king.  Leaders have organized many marches and protest rallies. People all over the world have gathered prayed and protested police brutality especially the killing of mike brown.


Demand Justice

Mordecai demanded that Esther speak to king on behalf. Esther asked the King for justice at the banquet she organized. Later Esther asked the King again until she had justice. Grassroots organizers have continued asked for justice from the local government.


Leaders rise

By the conclusion of the book of Esther, we have learned that leaders rise. Esther was promoted from the harem to a queen. Then after becoming queen receiving an honor for saving her people. Mordecai went from a Jewish elder to the kings’ advisor. Traumatic events cause Esther and Mordecai to step up to leadership. We have seen local leaders in the St. Louis metro area rise up and organize, pray and keep the peace.




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