Attitude attracts promotion (What job seekers can learn from Esther)

I have decided to embrace the writing 101 challenge. One of the suggestions was to do a series. I am going to do a series on Esther. I am cheating a little because originally this post was on my other blog The People’s Employment Journal. Those posts were inspired from various workshops I attended on job search strategies and techniques.


Attraction Creates Promiton


Shh, it’s a secret. In the video The Secret, it expresses the idea that attitude attracts promotion. Yes, it true. It is a tested principle. The principle is clearly illustrated in Esther. As a job seeker, there are lessons that can be learned from Esther’s experience. Esther is a biblical heroine who went from being an orphan to prestigious job title as Queen.

In the book of Esther, the text explains how an orphan developed good character and was selected to replace the Queen. You can start in a lowly position and a good attitude can promote you to a higher position. Esther was kidnapped and taken to be a part of the king’s harem. That’s not an ideal place, the odds were against her attaining the position of Queen. She did not let the seemingly bad odds affect her attitude.

As a job seeker, the odds are not good but don’t let that effect your attitude. Sometimes when change occurs attitude can sour and affect our appearance As a job seeker you can not afford to let your appearance be lacking. Look your best. Poor or inappropriate appearance can prevent you from getting the job you want. Look professional at your interview remove anybody jewelry ( No piercing).

Make your self-beautiful

Esther received 6 months of treatments with myrrh and 6 cosmetics and perfume. Wear perfume or cologne, make sure it’s not overpowering. The interview should not smell you before they see you. Your shoes should be polished. Get a good night’s rest don’t show up looking sleepy or tired.

Esther showed hospitality and cheer. As a job seeker, you can do the same. Did you speak to the receptionist or whoever greeted you? Speak to everyone you come in contact with and smile at the job site. A handshake signals the official beginning of the interview. You want your handshake to be firm and strong, not overpowering.


When applying for a  job research is important. Esther asked Hegai, what she should bring. She didn’t show up empty-handed. She did her research. Job seekers must research. Empower yourself with knowledge. Research the company by going online, reading the newspaper or skins. Do bring extra copies of your resume. Be ready to answer questions about yourself and past work experience. Bring your questions about the job, company or even the industry.

Esther’s narrative empathized the importance of first impression, which are based on appearance and conduct. First impressions are made quickly and they are deciding factor in who gets the job. From The book of Esther we can learn the importance of appearance and research, these characteristics display your  attitude.  A good attitude is vital to a successful job search.


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