Steve Harvey’s Single Mom Townhall

I would love to be a part of the dialogue about how to empower single moms. I must admit I still need some empowering myself. I think now is the time to encourage single moms, with the dialogue about paycheck to paycheck which is a reality for some single moms.  Tyler Perry recently released single mom’s club to bring awareness to the challenges single moms face.  I believe it will make an impact that will change things for generations to come. I feel I can contribute to the conversation because of my experiences. I have dealt with issues that single mom go through such as domestic violence, lack of support non-custodial parent. I have struggled through the employment challenges working in low paying jobs with little to no support. I have also experienced being a single parent on government assistance. I have survived being homeless as a single parent. I believe since I have faced some many obstacles and continued to have hope that I would be able to encourage other singles moms. I believe Nicole Gates author Success Over Statics and founder Successful Singles Moms Memphis would be a great person to share her experience strength and hope. Also I found From One Single Mother to Another by Sandra P Aldrich help, because of the advice it provides.  I look forward to the show, continuing the conversation about challenges single moms deal with. I look forward to the town hall discussion sparking the motivation to start a movement to empower single moms across the united states.



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