Reflections from One Woman’s Lessons from Living on Streets

Recently I was inspired to write a blog post about the need for a life class from former homeless people. I thought there are valuable lessons that formerly homeless and current homeless individuals can share. I saw  One’s Woman’s Lessons from Living on the Streets. I thought, “ Wow, I am not the only person that gets it. That sometimes the people we least expect can teach us something. That Robin Roberts was right when she talked about turning your mess into your message. I found the four lessons shared in an article can apply to women in all situation not just living on the streets. The lessons could even apply to me. They are universal lessons. With some good branding  Susan, the homeless woman who shared her experiences could use these life lessons to launch a people speaking career, do life coaching even write a book.

The first Lesson Don’t look like a woman. It is a busy lesson as well. Before women really mimicked me to move up the corporate ladder. They felt they could not express their femininity at work.  Even now, women are modeling men and currently suffering from the stress-related illness due to adopting the men work ethic. Even in dating, we are getting the message that men do it better, per Steve Harvey’s think like a man act like a Lady.

The second lesson Susan learned from living on the streets was to act crazy. Society has taught women, that “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” We learned this from women in politics, entertainment, even the bible. When Sojourner Truth gave her famous ain’t I woman speech she ripped her shirt. Women that have dared changed the status quo have been label crazy and called bitches. Look at Omarosa from the apprentice. If she were a man and did the same things, she would not be judged as harshly.

The third lesson She shared was “Pick your spot carefully” In order to accomplish this you must scope the surrounding area. This lesson could be applied to job search, finding a mate, finding a home. In the book of Nehemiah, Nehemiah scouts the ruins of the temple shares his plans to rebuild.

Susan has learned valuable lessons that have practical applications in many different areas. Yet we because of her status as homeless, most would assume she is not intelligent and worth of our time. Even in the midst of her mess Susan is able to turn into a message to help others.



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