Observing a Riot

From my point of view as an observer.

I have never lived in Ferguson, but I have lived around Ferguson. It has most of my life been an area notorious for racial profiling and police harassment. Divestment in the area has occurred a period of years. Which has affected the school district. Recently the school board superintendent was forced out. Because he cared about students in surrounding districts were failing, and some even have lost accreditation. The citizens of Ferguson have been dealing with some issues. So after the shooting of Mike Brown, a desperate and near hopeless people were ignited to action.

Historically the police have used their abused their position of power and shown bias against African-American. In Missouri as well as other states the police have had ties with racist organizations should as the KKK. I know as an African American ever time I have to interact with the police there is fear because I am aware that possibility for this interaction to cause me serious bodily harm or death. One should not have to fear those swore to protect and serve. But over the years, police brutality has created an environment for mistrust.

Last night as I watched peaceful protest turn into a riot. I wonder what happen to change the crowd. I believe police investigation is necessary. I suspect based on the reports of citizen journalist on social media. That the police actions possibly aggregated some of the protesters which lead to the riot and indirectly the looting. It is my hope that the truth will come out about the events that resulted in the death of Mike Brown, and the truth will come out about the riot Sunday night.

I watched the press conference with the NAACP. The speeches were an inspiration and the dialogue good for the most part. But as the first speaker said, young people are needed for leadership in creating change. I hope they will invite them to be involved in the solution. There was a lot of Christian rhetoric, and Christianity does give hope. I know personally it continues to give me hope. But these young people don’t need Christian rhetoric they need opportunities and respect, and then maybe we can continue discussion Christianity with them.

I know in recent years there has been a lot of marching, and the NAACP and various other historical civil rights agencies have been involved, but for some reason no real change.  From Gena 6 to now. We need CHANGE NOW


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