“A man that hath friends must show himself friendly” (Prov. 18: 24).frienship

As an only child I was very lonely and wished for close relationships with others. I wanted my cousins to be like my siblings. I often prayed God would give me a best friend. The Bible says, “A man that hath friends must show himself friendly” (Prov. 18: 24). Some are too distant to form friendships.  The bible gives us several models of friendship. One of the most  memorable for me is David and Jonathan. Jonathan and David were close like brothers. Jonathan and David made a covenant. Jonathan did all he could to protect David from death.I was very shy until college. I believe that was why I struggled with friendships. I developed more friendships in adulthood than childhood.

I started this post some years ago after going through a  pruning period with a close friend.  We had developed a relationship like Jonathan and David. A ten-year friendship recently ended and I am hurt and sadden by it. My friend had become my god sister.“A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity,” the Bible says (Prov. 17: 17).  Since I originally posted this the friendship has been restored.  We have went through adversity in our relationship but she has also helped me navigate adversity in my own life. She was my friend because she would be honest with me even when I didn’t appreciate. I was always jealous because I was not her friend that she would go to social things with but her friend that she could talk too and someone I can talk. She advised me to take steps to get my first apartment after college.  She taught me to be affectionate with my children and friends. She encouraged me to keep my family together through adversity.

Adversity does teach us about friends. We learn from Job that friends are not always helpful. When Job was going through his friends questioned him and accused him. Later her had to pray for them and ask the Lord to forgive them. I have learned like Job that forgiveness is a part of friendship.

 What Does the Bible say About Friendship?

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There is great value in friendship.


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