Leadership/ Americorps Motivational Statement

Leadership is about ultimately about creating a way for people to make something extraordinary happen according to Alan Keith. Improving the quality of the life St. Louis north side residents is about creating an environment for meaning change. This goal can be achieved through encouraging, and empowering the community. Using history, strategy and enlisting the aid and support north side residents dynamic change can be accomplished.

St. Louis neighborhood such as “the ville” are known for their glorious past, with effective leadership neighborhood, can have a bright future. Through research about what factors contribute to the success of former residents such madame CJ walker, Annie Malone and Montford Point Marines. By sharing information about business models and grassroots organizing methods that were effective in the past. Plus using their stories about giving back to the community to inspire community action and through creating strategy through research of other neighborhoods that have progressed. North st. Louis can again be a fertile training ground for entrepreneurs, doctor, lawyer and other professionals.

Americorps is a great leadership vehicle it provides an opportunity for empowerment to individual (service members) and the community in which they serve. I feel my experience with stepping up to leadership training, completing the leading lady leadership series with Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women’s Group and leading a community action project has provided me with the necessary skills to be an effective VISTA neighborhood organizer. I would be honored for this opportunity to make a difference in the St. Louis community.


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