A Journey to Home

When you empower a woman, you empower a family when empower a family you empower a community. Hillary Clinton


My family has been homeless three-time since 1998. The first experience we were trying get on the section 8 list so my daughter and I would not have live with my parents. Our second homeless experience was due to unemployment and domestic violence. Our last homeless experience hopefully was our time in the wilderness, not physically but spiritually.


My oldest daughter is a business major in college. She has been an ambassador for our country. She has been actively involved in community service. She deserves stability in her life.


I have tried to get on my feet for the last 10 years. I have worked and tried at times to start my own business. I have read several self-help books and spent time in counseling. I have even done my part to help others in 2010 I had a conference for homeless women. In 2012, I started

my journey to healing from domestic violence and held a conference to increase awareness of domestic violence. I organized and sponsored the conference despite the lack I was unemployed.


I wanted to encourage my healing as well as help others.  Please help get me unstuck so I can pay it forward and do my part to help others.  Having stable housing will help my children and allow me to pursue business ideas and ideas for nonprofits that will impact and help our local and global community. stuck. I am willing to share my story because I am working on my autobiography. I feel it is my destiny to tell my story and help others.Please help my family get unstuck so I can pay it forward.


Help my family get stable housing will allow us to our pursuit of happyiness.



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