Americorps Essay

I decided I would post this since I have saved from 4 years ago.  You can see I have been interested in trying to help people for while. I know it is part of purpose. The question how does God want me to service His people. I hope it will be through The People’s Resource Site.

Essay 2 –Ly Syin -LL987322447

Hands on Atlanta will allow me to transition into the education field. The people, technology, and communications skills I have will help me fulfill the programs mission of providing a caring adults that strive to give children a safe place to learn and an academic foundation to build on and teaching skills that can be used through out life and for scholastic purtist, as well as personal gain.

My customer service skills I have gained in business and especially educational settings will enable me to deal effectively with students, school staff and parents. I know from my previous work experience and volunteer that I enjoy teaching computer skills. At Harris state college I assisted computer illiterate students in becoming experts in power point and other software applications. It was rewarding for me to see students progress and embrace technology instead of fear it.

I have worked in the past with teachers doing distance learning.

As a smart classroom or multimedia technician I helped professors with integration of technology in the class room, assisting with power point presentations that appealed to auditory and visual learners. More recent lay I have taught t adults basic about Microsoft word.

During my time working at with pre-service teachers, I began to desire to become more involved in the field of education. Hands on Atlanta Americoprs project gives me the opportunity to get more involved in the field of education making the transition from observer to participant.

Being a service Leader will allow me the learn more about students learning style, lesson planning and class room management,

With my passion for reading and technology my goal is to become a library media technology specialist


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