Out of Egypt pt 3

In Bible Study, I learned that there must be a need a before a miracle happens. During my homeless experience in Atlanta, God blessed me tot the be the recipient of many miracles. I felt like the Israelites in the wilderness, I had to depend on him for daily Manna. He never provided enough for me to store up, but he always provided.

After La Freda left Ms. Brown told me it was possible we would get a roommate. I was not pleased and angry with La Freda. I missed her so much. One day I took one of the other women at the shelter daughter to the park with me because she was close to the La Freda’s age. I thought that would help but the little was not well behaved and nothing like my daughter. We got a roommate and things started badly. My roommate Ally was from Argentina and bilingual. My roommate’s daughter caused La Joy to fall and had she had a nice bruise. I decided to leave the shelter. I could not find another shelter. We went to Ellis Street I lost a whole package of pampers and the charger to my cell phone. I talked to Allie at the day shelter and decided maybe I had jumped the gun the next night we were not so lucky we. LaJoy and I rode the train late into the night. While we were on the train this man gave La Joy a key chain. He said I could use it to put my keys on after she tired of playing with it. He mentioned something about a home. I said we are praying on that. Before he got off the train, he handed me a ten-dollar bill. He said I do not know why but I think you can use this. We got off the train and went to K-mart. I bought some pampers and Cheetos. We had Cheetos for dinner. Finally, we went to the Task Force for the Homeless. I slept on the floor with no cover or mats with La Joy on top of me. Bugs were crawling on us. As soon as Marta started running, I left to ride the train until it was time to take La Joy to day care. I begged to go back to the Salvation Army and I had not received my refund yet. The first thing I did was bathe I had not had a bath in three days and I felt horrible.

Mrs. C bought tickets for me and one of the other parents to go HIPS, a gospel play about women and their relationship to men that were out of order. All the children in her day care were from single parent families. She really tried to encourage and help the parents.

My dad sent me a ticket to come home for my uncle’s funeral. It was round trip ticket. I accidentally washed the ticket and it was destroyed. I stayed in St. Louis for a month. La Joy and watch TV all day. I would help La Freda with her homework after school. I think I needed a break from shelter life. Living in the shelter had been hard on my psychically. I had lost some weight. That was a good thing, though.

I left St. Louis to go back to Atlanta Halloween night. La Freda was so upset about not going trick or treating. She made me feel so guilty. I wanted to take her back with me. I felt a little spooky riding greyhound bus on Halloween. I slept most of the trip. I had been thinking about going to JOC. I had heard good things about them. I soon realized the Salvation Army was better. I was paying more money to sleep on the floor in a church, then I had been paying to have a semi-private room. There was no privacy. There was only one shower for everyone.Don was at JOC he had found a job at the Omni hotel downtown. The food at JOC was worst then Salvation Army and there was no dining area. La Joy and I usually eat at the underground and then caught the bus from five points back to the shelter. I was so tired one night and one of the other guests woke me up because I was snoring. Four of my suitcases were stolen out of the storage shed and I lost my identification and all my important papers. I was devastated.

This women name Gwen came to stay at JOC. I had seen her before at the Atlanta Library on each Peachtree. I had suspected she was homeless. She told me My Sisters house was accepting women. It was a brand new shelter. It was a relief after JOC and it was free. I asked a West Indian guy to give me a ride to My Sister’s house, I could not take all my stuff on the bus. He kept trying to talk me into staying with him in a motel in Cobb County. At My Sisters house, they wanted us to go to chapel service every night. I was in a room with a lot of young women who had to grow up fast. At My sisters house, they made the single mom’s go to a Christian parenting classes. I was there a while before I got a suite mate. La Joy would praise God in the chapel. Everyone would comment on how La Joy praised the Lord. I thought about how before when I went to the prayer breakfast my coworker invited me to in St. Louis the speaker told me I need to praise God stop being focusing on men. I started going to New Birth while in my sister’s house. I did not even know how to get there for sure. When I got to five points, I saw some other homeless people that were going to New Birth so I followed them. La Joy did not have any pampers. At church, I asked a woman in the bathroom whose child was the same size. I felt embarrassed but did not have any pampers or any money. At New Birth Rodger’s Minster in training, a man gave me some money. I went to Mc Donald’s and to buy some pampers from Kmart after church.


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