Becoming the woman at the well

There are some bad girls in the bible. I can relate to Rahab, we don’t know why she was a prostitute but we can imagine that it her reason behind was to provide for herself and her family until she grew in faith and decided relie on God to provide. Like Joshua were actions were strong and courageous. It was very courageous for her to leave her old life style behind. I can also relate to the woman at the well. We don’t know why she so many husbands and the man she was with at the time Jesus confronted was not her husband. I like to thing she like me got involved with the wrong men and like me she practiced insanity and kept expecting different results. There is my personal story woman at the well story. The Big Block Goes on Top could very well be titled the Modern day woman at the well.

I noticed this attractive man that came in at first I thought he was the manager at Mc Donalds, because he was asking everyone how there food was . As he interviewed this man for position at this company. I asked him something and we started talking and in the course of the conversation. I told him I was homeless. He gave me his business card and he said he would donate some toys to shelter since was close to Christmas. I began talking to him and he became my cake daddy. One day before Thanksgiving it was raining Bentley called me and asked me where I was. I told him I was walking to the train station. He told me we shouldn’t be walking in the cold. He came and picked La Joy and me up and dropped us off at CNN Center. Bentley gave me some money and told me don’t be scared to spend it, that he would give me more later. I had never had a man give me money before. He offered to get my hair done. I was surprised. I told him no thanks I needed a coat. He agreed to buy me a coat. It was cold and I did not have coat. I spent the whole day wondering if he was my prince charming. I had read Ruth but I wasn’t looking for my Boaz yet. After he finished working he picked us up and took us to his house. I loved his house. He had decorated with African art. I thought I would probably decorate my house like his if I had one. It was so nice to be in somebody’s house. He told me I could take a nap in his bed. La Joy fell asleep she did not get a nap that day. He started feeling on me. We had sex. He took me to World Changes for worship service that Sunday. He told me was sorry he had taken advantage of me. The message was about sexual sin. I got mad at him and he gave me 100.00 dollars and dropped me off at the west end mall. I felt like trash my pride wanted to refuse the money but I knew I needed. I brought myself some clothes from Rainbow and some shoes. I brought a red coat at the thrift store. Newbirth would pick up the homeless at shelters in the Atlanta metro area. At Newbirth one Sunday a month they feed the homeless and gave away clothing. They also had beauticians and barbers do hairstyles. They gave away Newbirth bags. The one I received had “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all his righteous: All these things shall be added to you (Matthew 6:33). Louie took me over his cousin’s for Thanksgiving. We had traditional Thanksgiving dinner but everything was seasoned different. I got to meet one of Louie’s sister and an aunt. I joked with his aunt when we left that Louie should not be burden he should look good. She told me I would not let him have shit. I wondered when I took La Joy ride the Priscilla the pink pig at Macys I thought what would the family who had been so nice to La Joy. I got freelance audiovisual job at the Renaissance hotel in downtown Atlanta. I worked a week. My final day I was late. I lost track of time riding the train. It felt good to be working. I just wished I did not have to spend the day hanging out before I had to go. I was a tech for a party a local HMO was having. I had not worked with DVD’s much. I could not figure out how to fast-forward the DVD during the rehearsal. I prayed I spend the rest of the evening going over it. The view form the 25th floor was speculating. I thought I wish Louie could be there with me. Louie picked me up after work. I could not believe he was keeping LaJoy overnight and he would come to pick me up from work just to be nice. For Christmas the shelter had a lot of activities. The Atlanta hawks had a dinner party for us at a fancy Italian restaurant. They had cameras they were videotaping go hawks TV. They signed few autographs. This group gave us Wal-mart gift card. We go a lot of stuff. All I wanted was a place to stay. La Joy got all kinds of toys from the shelter it took about an hour to open everything. The Sunday before Christmas I went to the day shelter. I could not get a seat a on the bus. I went to the church next to my sister’s house. I saw one of the Minster’s that did a chapel service at my sister’s house. After church the Minster invited me along with his congregation for lunch at Furs Cafeterias. One of the church members gave La joy some home made candy. I spent Christmas day with La Joy and her dad. He was supposed to take us to movies we drove around to different theaters but nothing good for kids was playing. We ended up eating in CNN center. The day after Christmas we where cleaning up I was stressed out, my 90 days were almost up. I throw I broom and the staff put me out. Ms. C took my stuff to her house and said La Joy could stay until I found another shelter. I went back to JOC Louie came and picked me up he gave me the money to pay for a couple of nights. I bought a sleeping bag with what was left on my Wal-Mart gift card and I did not take much with me because my stuff was stolen last time. Before when I left the Salvation Army this girl gave me Operation Hope’s phone number. I had gone and filled out some paper work months ago. I decided to stop by. I got on the wrong bus and had to walk. They had an opening in their transition-housing program, but I would have a wait a couple of day because did not have not any money. I called the Hotel I had did freelance audiovisual work for and found out I had check that would be enough for me to move immediately. It had been so long since I had been in comfortable environment. This transitional housing program was in an apartment complex in Decatur. I lived with Dr. Nash’s administrate assistant, Ms. Sallie and Erin who was at my sisters house with me moved in a couple of days after me. Erin told me the night left at chapel service one of the evangelists had died. I thought thank God I was not there. I was so excited to get to attend the watch service at New Birth. I think being there was better than being in New York when the ball drops. I enjoyed Smokie Norful. Now I could cook my own food. Louie took La Joy and me to the grocery store. I told him about Cake daddy. Louie told me we would never have sex again. Dr. Nash asked me to give a testimony about my pain on the radio. I wrote the testimony and read it to him. He said I was not sharing my pain. Then I rewrote. I shared everything in my life that caused me to feel hurt from my parents getting divorced to my own divorces. I shared how I did not wash my face or brush my teeth because I was depressed. I talked about how I was the little lonely girl listening to the radio. He produced a play about homelessness. I did the lighting and sound. I taught a couple of computer classes for Dr. Nash.

There cometh a woman of Samaria to draw water: Jesus saith unto her, give me to drink. The woman saith unto him, Sir, give me this water, that I thirst not, neither come hither to draw. For thou hast had five husbands; and he whom thou now hast is not thy husband: in that saidst thou truly.  The woman saith unto him, Sir, I perceive that thou art a prophet.

One day La Joy and I were at CNN center eating taco bell. This man sitting at another table started talking to us. He told me his name was Jesus. He asked who I was. I told him I am the woman at the well Jesus. He asked where that I was I told him I was in his word the Bible. I tried to find it for him in the bible but I did not know where it was. During service at New Birth bishop said to change your cell phone number because you need to separate from a man that you are involved with. I thought he was talking to me. I mixed feeling about my relationship with cake daddy. I gave my cell phone to Mrs. C and told her I thought that message was for me. Monday they could not change my cell phone number because of service problems. The next day, I went to the store and not service location. I checked the messages and Bentley had called me about the time I had handed Mrs. C the phone on Sunday. I did get the phone number changed. I gave Mrs. C, Bentley business card I did not know his number by heart. In February I got my income tax back Mrs. C started looking for a car for me. We brought a car I did not even have a driver’s license. I was on my way to Mrs. C house to give her 500.00 dollars I had borrowed when I bought the car. I thought I would try and catch Louie dropping off La Joy and give me this book by Myles Monroe. I wanted him to read it. I had missed the bus that dropped me off in front of Mrs. C’s house. Something told me to get on the bus where I would have to walk down. I saw Louie in the car with a girl. I walked on watching. I walked in Mrs. C house after Louie. I was so hurt. I had suspected Louie had another woman but now I had seen her. After he left, I asked Mrs. C if she saw Louie’s other woman. I sat on Mrs. C cough a long time I wanted to cry. My first day driving in Atlanta some one ran in to the back of me. I had gotten a permit. I did not know how to get any where in Atlanta driving. I was so use to taking the bus and train everywhere. I would drive to church even when I did not have any gas. God would put it on somebody’s heart to pass me and envelope with some money. I thought about how he provided daily manna for the Israelites. I kept pressing to I went to the singles conference at Newbirth. I had brought a book by one of the speakers a few weeks before. I enjoyed the conference. One day I went to lunch with my Elizabeth and some men form church.


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