Lack of wisdom and lack of discretion lead to a Collapse Structure

I had read my bible I knew the story of David and Bathsheba. I knew adultery was wrong.

Proverbs 14:1 The wisest of women builds her house,
but folly with her own hands tears it down.

For La Freda’s birthday, Moses and I did not have any money to do anything. My parents took her to family fun center. to celebrate her birthday. After her birthday, Moses gave me some money to pay the light bill when I dropped him off at work. I told him it was not a good time, because I had planned to go clothes shopping for La Freda with some money she received for her birthday. I spent La Freda birthday money and the bill buying her some clothes A couple of weeks later Ameren UE turned off the electricity. Then the car broke down. We went to stay over Moses parents’ house for two weeks. We managed to get back and forth to work. When we got the electric bill paid and got the car repaired, I thought wow we came through rough times together. Then Moses got sick was not going to work. My family kept telling me he had lost his job. I did not want to believe them, because he had just got a promotion.

The night I decided to cheat on Moses , I got frustrated with him. Jim told me to go back home and not tell my husband. I went home and I made excuses at first for being late. Moses had cooked dinner and brought X Men movie. I felt horrible for a minute then, I told him to get out because our marriage was over.

I went to an extended stay hotel with my grandma Helen. I was glad to go because things were tense at home. I cried most of the time because I realized my marriage was really over. This was not for better or better, I had wanted. I did not want to try and repair it. I was so frustrated with my husband. He wanted to work things out. I was sad because my relationship with my in-laws would change. They had been wonderful to me.

Moses left for a couple of days. I did not want him to come back home. He popped up one day with the pastor. I was angry because I could not clown. I lagreed to let him come back home, because I did not want to appear evil to the pastor. We live to together for a month as things continue to deteriorate. I left Moses ,when I moved out into the apartment we were supposed to move into together.

Jim and I continued to see each other. One evening, Jim told me he was diagnosed with cancer. We had a sexual only relationship before and it did not really seem like Jim was interested in more than that now either. I told Jim I wanted him to allow me to be his friend because.he was not going to be as interested in sex going through chemotherapy.


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