I was reviewing  the first chapter of The Big Block Goes on Top.  I posted the revised introduction recently  on this blog. I thought my autobiography has helped me realize what has influence. I realize that I was exposed to domestic violence and addiction very early. They have become a strong hold in my family like deception was a strong hold in Abraham’s. Abraham asked his wife on more than one occasion to pretend to be his sister. Abraham’s son Issac also asked his wife to pretend to be his sister. He repeated the pattern of deception.

Issac’s wife Rebkah and his son Jacob deceived him into blessing Jacob. Issac’s family also suffered from poor communication.  My family is struggling with this very issue. Jacobs sons deceived him into believing his son Joseph was dead.

David’s family is another example of  the cycle of bad influence affecting generations. David committed adultery with Bathsheba. Lust was also the downfall of David’s son’s Solomon, Amnon and Abnor.

Syinly’s family has been affected by domestic violence in the forms of emotional, verbal and psychically abuse.

An excerpt from The Big Block Goes on Top dealing with Emotional and Verbal Abuse

My grandma Helen was verbally abusive to Paul because he was a gambler. He spent a lot of time and money at Fairmount Park the horse race track. It seemed that my grandma Helen was always fussing at Paul. I thought my grandmother hated him.

Second excerpt from The Big Block Goes on Top dealing with domestic violence

I would sit on the steps and listen to my Grandma Helen’s nephew Snookie and his wife arguing. He would use profanity and make sexual explicit statements. He was emotionally and psychically abusive. Sometimes they would be loud so my grandma Helen would send Paul up stairs to talk to him. I wondered why his wife stayed. I thought if I were her, I would leave.

When I got married I repeated the pattern of  verbal, emotional and psychical abuse. The bible has convicted me about verbal abuse.

The number one killer of African-American women ages 15 to 34 is homicide at the hands of a current or former intimate partner.


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