Buying Some else’s Trouble

The bible says  gray hair is sign of wisdom. My grandmother is very wise. Proverbs has a lot of warning about being a fool.  Fools ignore wisdom. Latley I have been guilty of being the fool. Over ten years ago when I bought my second used car my grandmother shared a story with me. She told about a used car she bought. That would only drive backwards. She said she took it back to the pontatic dealership. The salesman told her, ” Any time you buy a used car you are buying some one else’s trouble”. She said he allowed her to trade the car in for a new car and never purchased another used car after that.  My grandmother shared this story with me after the engine blew in a used car I had purchased. I can’t tell you how many used cars I have purchased since then. Each one has come with it’s onw set of trouble some more some less.

The last three cars I purchase were horrible.  In 2006 and I purchased 1996 Ford Escort that would not pass emissions.  I kept it for  about seven months. Next I went to Insta credit. I have already written a whole post about that unsafe car. I was glad when they reposed it.  Don’t get me wrong I wish I had the money but the car needed to go back.  The van had not been safety inspected when I purchased it. I do not think the dealer was aware of the condition because I feel I was given honest feedback on other vechiles I inquired about.

Last week I bought a van only to realize after taking it for the safety inspection it was unsafe. I had to take it back. Of course the dealer didn’t give me my money back.  I have to wait for another fool to try and buy it.


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