Ly Syin you are beautiful

Today I went to Sisters Impacting Sisters a mentoring program for young women. When I was an adolescent I thought when I get older. I want to give back and mentor young women. I want to help young ladies get through adolescence better than I did. My therapist told me I would not make a good therapist. My family also agreed. I gave up  on the idea of ever being able to help young women. Though I must say when I hit college reading I Know Why the Caged Birds Sings encouraged. I thought I still have a chance for things to change for me.

Yesterday at the SIS session. We learned skin care and did make overs with the girls. The girls shared about what is going in there life. We did a self confidence exercise. We looked in the mirror and told ourselves individually I am beautiful. It made me think back to when I was job hunting after college and I struggled with eye contact.  My friend suggested I look in the bathroom mirror and encourage myself.  At the end she said think about that you are talking to your daughter.

Yesterday my daughter and I both got to look in the mirror. It made me remember.  As an adolescent I had major self esteem and confidence issues.  I still struggle with those issues.  Some days more than others.

One of the mentors shared some suggestions for my daughter to help improve her confidence. I know for me college allowed me to improve my self confidence, seeing that I was smarted than I thought.


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