Trusting God Means NO back up plan

For Lent my church has been doing a bible study Word on Wednesdays. We have been learning about Abraham. When Abraham decided to leave his father’s house and follow God he didn’t have a back up plan.

It’s very hard for me to turn things over and trust God. I always want God to do the set up and then let me take it from there. I thought about my post God Never Shuts One  Door with out Opening Another. When I first published it I received a lot of criticism. People said  you can’t believe God had something to do with all that.

Now I must admit I believe they are right. Not that God is not responsible for all the good in my life, but I realize in 2007 and 2008 I was too anxious and  I had some good ideas that were not God ideas.  I stole that phrase from another blogger.

God is not in the midst of confusion and there was lot of confusion in my life at that time. I didn’t  trust God to get me an apartment.


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