Yesterday I attended a Professional Women’s Group meeting, the topic for the evening was Leadership. Local author Jana Gamble was the guest speaker. She asked the members several questions about Leadership. The question that I did not have an answer for was who did I think was a great leader and why. I thought I could think of a lot of  great women authors like Gamble included but leaders. Then I thought about the women in the Bible. I thought about Ruth because she cared for mother-in-law. I felt because she supported her family she was a leader. I thought about Deborah, she definitely had leadership ability. She was a judge in addition to being a wife. Barack sought her counsel before going to war and even asked her to accompany him to the battle.
Gamble discussed how it is necessary for leaders to have vision. Moses had a vision he wanted the Isarelties to be free and God encouraged his vision with a mountain top experience. He was not able to make it to the promise land but he did see. Joseph had a vision and he was able to fufill and save his family. Even David had a vision about rebuilding the temple but his son had to do it.
She reminded us that leaders need help. That made me think about Moses when his arms got tired and Aaron and another man held up his arms.
Gamble stated leaders need wise counsel. In the bible the most kings consulted the prophets before they declared war. Esther had Moderaci and eunuch to provide her wise counsel when she needed it.


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