Affirmative Action ( Token Negro)

I was reading some comments regarding diversity this morning from the perspective of a conservative christian female. She was not in support of affirmative action in educational settings. I support afrimative action, I understand that as  the blogger stated it does really foster diversity. It does give students a opportunity for an education( bringing them out of ignorance).
I say this because from sixth grade through college I benefited from affirmative actions. During my middle school and high school it was a because of the voluntary desegregation program. I have to admit because of emotional problems I did not take full advantage of the situation. The quality of education I received going to a predominately white middle school and high school was dramatically different than what I would have received going to the local high school in my neighborhood.
Affirmative Action was a benefit to me in college being able to go to small private college was an awesome opportunity for me. If I had went to a larger school I don’t think I would have a degree. I was able to meet professors that encouraged and be exposed to people from different backgrounds.


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