Money and Happiness

I was reading another blog and the writer was sharing that she was debating with her friend the age old question can money buy happiness. Her position was money can by comfort but not happiness. I agree with her.

The post made me think about Al Green’s song Love and Happiness.  “Love will make you do right, love with make you do wrong.”  Money can he used to give to charity and add comfort to others lives. Money can also be used in negative way people who use money to support addictive behavior drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc. God does not want us to use money as a device to enter into sinful behavior.

I know for me I  have wanted more money to improve the quality of my family’s life ( comfort). I know in 2007 I  had the desire for an increase income to provide a home for my family, but my desire became pervert and I fell into greed and my sinful behavior multiplied.

The same is true about money an abundance of it can affect your character. Money does bring happiness Solomon was very rich but we learn he was not very happy at the end of his life.

The rich young ruler could not follow Jesus because he valued money too much. The bible instructs us that the love of money( not money it’s self) is root of evil.   I like Ecclesiastes where it  says ( syinly’s phrase) to be rich and enjoy is a gift from God. That verse confirms for me that money is not evil. God is okay with money providing comfort.

Bible verse about money

Job showed us rich or poor God is still greatly to be praised.


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