Mercy God’s gift to Mothers

Today is my mother’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom. I know she sometimes reads my blogs. Today, I can truly thank God that He has given me the mother he gave me. When I was a teenager I was not so thankful and I was an unforgiving and disrespect child.  I am thankful today, that God has mercy and has given my mother that gift. A few years ago, when we did spiritual assessments and I  found out one of her  gifts was mercy. At first my response was the assessments were a bunch of mess,my un-forgiveness made me unable to see  mercy in action in my mother and God. My mom and God both should have took me out a long time ago due to my disrespectful behavior.

Mercy according to Central Baptist Church Spiritual Gifts sheet, gift is deep and extraordinary compassion that transcends normal human caring. Mercy is thing, an action and role that we have as Christians.

As I reflect on disrespectful children I think about Samson. Despite his flaws God was still able to use him in a mighty way. Samson life would have been easier like mine would have been had he listen to his parents regarding marriage.

My mother is strong like Eve, determined like Sarah. My mother is beautiful like Rachel.   My mother smart like Abigail. She listens to sound advice like Bathsheba. She has cried and rejoiced over me like Mary. She encourages like Mary encouraged Jesus to perform his first miracle.

My mother is a proverbs 31 woman. She is always concerned about those in her household being prepared for the season.

I thank my mother for encouraging me with my writing. I thank her for encouraging me to be a feminist and encouraging me to continue being a christian and grow. Happy Birthday Momma


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